Factors Affecting Measurement Results


  • For best results, one should wear swimwear, either a one-piece or a two-piece that has no additional loose or bulging material anywhere.
  • Second best option is underwear, again without any additional loose or bulging material anywhere.
  • Third best option is skintight athletic wear.

We strongly suggest that whatever you wear should be absolutely skintight, as looser or bulging clothing will affect the results of the measurements significantly!


  • The best background for taking measurement photos is in one color – preferably a contrast color to your skin tone (dark background if you are light-skinned, or light background if you are dark-skinned), and simple – without any decorative elements.
  • Second best is a color different to your skin tone, even if it is not a contrast color, but again the background should be very simple.

Distance, Space, Light & Position

  • For BodyRecog HOME, aside from a clear and uniform background, the distance of the smartphone camera from the person being photographed, should always be the same and far enough to fit the entire body on each photo. We suggest somewhere between 2-2.5 m (6.5-8 feet).
  • For BodyRecog PRO, to capture the best 3D scan of the person being scanned and thus get best measurement results, it is best to have a radius of 3-4 m (10-13 feet) free space around the person. Otherwise, you might capture some other objects or parts of them, and that will affect the measurement results adversely. To a certain degree, the algorithm does make corrections. However, the scanning process is much easier done, and the results are visibly better, when there is sufficient space around the subject.
  • Lighting for both versions should be evenly distributed. A combination of natural light and evenly distributed above-head indoor light has proven to give best results.
  • With BodyRecog HOME the person taking the pictures should be seated and hold the device steadily. The model should pivot around the same spot while changing positions.

Hairstyle & Facial Hair

  • Whether long or short, hair should be away from the face and as flat as possible to the head all over, but especially on the top.
  • High-styled hair will falsely add centimeters or inches to your height, making you taller than you really are. Since BodyRecog HOME’s algorithm relies on the correct input of your height to photogrammetrically determine other measurements of yours, false height will give false overall measurement results.
  • Loose long hair, even if straight and flat to the head, will affect measurement results. So please keep long hair up (e.g. in a pony-tail) and away from the neck.
  • Moustache does not affect measurement results, neither do short, trimmed beards. However, long, bushy beards will affect measurement results!

Time of Day

  • Since, due to gravity, the height of a person shrinks from 1-3 cm (0.4-1.2 inches) during the day, always take measurements at the same time of the day! This is necessary in order to be able to compare results.
  • For best results, take measurements early in morning (or whenever you get up if you work in shifts), after you relieve yourself, and if possible, after bowel movements, but definitely before eating your first meal or drinking your first drink of the day.

Food and/or Drink Intake

  • Please do keep in mind that if you have eaten a meal or drunk a drink, your waist circumference will be wider than some other time of day, especially after getting up! The same goes if you are bloated, for whatever reason.
  • Waist circumference is also affected by pregnancy. Once again, this app is not meant for pregnant women! Another module is being developed specifically for them – BodyRecog BABY.


  • We strongly suggest to take measurements only once a week. The body tends to change in bi-weekly periods, so you might be disheartened if the results don’t immediately show. On the other hand, taking measurements only twice a month decreases motivation and enthusiasm for your diet and/or workout. Thus, weekly measurements constitute the best compromise between speed of body shape changes, and sufficient regularity to a regime to keep yourself motivated.

Suggestion: Use the REMINDER option to set the day and time that suits you best. For instance, every Wednesday morning weigh yourself, and then measure yourself with BodyRecog.