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BodyRecog comes in two versions, the mobile version for health-conscious individuals (BodyRecog HOME), and the web version for professionals (BodyRecog PRO).

BodyRecog HOME

The BodyRecog HOME

The mobile version (BodyRecog HOME) is made for the end user, who uses the app to find out their bodily measurements, keep track of their progress over time as a result of an exercise program or a dietary regime, and peruse personalized health, exercise and diet recommendations based on their body shape. For instance, while dieting and exercising, people may track exactly where they lost fat, or gained muscle, and by how much in centimeters or inches. Furthermore, based on measurement results, the application offers personalized health recommendations written by experts.

BodyRecog PRO

The BodyRecog PRO

The professional version (BodyRecog PRO) is meant for doctors and medical personnel, gym owners, personal trainers and nutritionists, and many others. BodyRecog PRO enables them to save time used for manual measurement of body proportions, and offer their clients a service that keeps track of their bodily measurements. Based on the measurement results, the application offers personalized health recommendations written by experts. The human body maps the potential for a wide range of health issues, and BodyRecog PRO enables early detection and prevention of such issues. However, we strongly suggest professionals to personalize them even further, based on their knowledge of their client’s health status, nutrition status, fitness status and personal preferences. Moreover, based on your body shape, BodyRecog PRO offers a personalized exercise program and dietary regime.

Interconnected Platform

BodyRecog HOME may obtain measurement data in two ways: via a smartphone camera, or by manual input. BodyRecog PRO may obtain measurement data in three ways: via Structure Sensor, a smartphone camera, or by manual input. The professional can access the data at all times to offer feedback and motivation to the client or email them a report. On the other hand, the client uses BodyRecog HOME to access their data, track their progress and receive feedback.

BodyRecog relies on photogrammetry or in-depth sensing cameras to analyze uploaded photos or scans, and find out correct body measurements. Our deep-learning algorithm improves the precision and accuracy of measurements, as every new photo or scan is analyzed. This means that the app improves itself over time with each new usage!